Tony-Winning Director Reclaims F-Slur in Victory Speech


Part of the Broadway director Michael Arden’s acceptance speech was censored in a live CBS telecast after he won for Best Direction of a Musical at the Tony Awards on Sunday night—after the three-time nominee attempted to reclaim an anti-gay slur. Arden won for his direction of the revival of Parade, a 1998 musical about the lynching of a Jewish man by an antisemitic mob. “Growing up, I was called the F-word more times than I can count,” Arden said. “But now, I’m a f***** with a Tony.” His remarks were met with uproarious applause, with many in the crowd standing to cheer him on. In his speech, the director had also talked about the need to support those in the queer community and stand against transphobia and homophobia. “We must come together, we must battle this. Otherwise, we are doomed to repeat the horrors of our history,” Arden said. “And to our beautiful trans, non-binary, queer youth, know that your queerness is what makes you beautiful and powerful. Everyone in this room sees you and needs you and will fight alongside you and we will win.”

Read it at The New York Times


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